Envolvimento dos funcionários

Envolvimento dos funcionários é crucial para o sucesso das empresas

employee engagement

To engage is to buy into the hearts and minds of an individual so they are prepared to knock down barriers in their quest to achieve the mission, vision and uphold the values of an organisation. Individuals developing a sense of meaning, purpose and belonging is fundamental to employee engagement. And employee engagement directly effects business performance.

Staff are truly engaged when they have been delegated responsibilities that they own and understand - they know where they fit in the big picture They feel trusted and responsible without being micro managed. They feel stretched personally and intellectually. They know where they are in the team - where they can ask for help and celebrate success. They are acknowledged frequently and as a result continue to grow their personal skills. As a result this level of engagement gets the full leverage of their resources resulting in business growth.

Team building activities play a multifaceted role in enhancing employee engagement. Fun team building activities and staff day outs are a great way of rewarding a team. Team bonding and networking exercises increase staff engagement through developing appreciation for others and a sense of belonging.

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